Our Projects

South Arlington Modern Farmhouse Remodel

A remodel of a full house completely designed and built by the CDT team

Fairlington Townhouse remodel

A full remodel to give a townhouse more functional space and an updated look

Modern Kitchen Remodel

A modern kitchen remodel with bold two tone cabinets.

Transitional First Floor Renovation

This first floor renovation has it all! A large center island for guests to a tv that comes out of the ceiling.

Transitional Kitchen renovation

A kitchen and living room facelift.

Great Falls Home Remodel

A truly stunning full home interior renovation

Fairlington First Floor Renovation

An upgrade of the first floor in a townhouse to create more space.

DC Bathroom project

Renovation of a master and hall bathroom in a condo in DC.

Transitional Primary Bathroom

CDT converted this outdated primary bathroom into a lovely transitional bathroom with a large shower and plenty of storage space.

Springfield House Remodel

Turned an outdated house into a brand new custom home with a complete home remodel.

Full Condo Renovation – Fairlington, VA

An attic converted into a master suite with a bathroom along with a first floor compete remodel.

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